To Amazon or to the Apps?

Who knew in the 21st century, Amazon were going to be the frontier of everything shopping, helping many to get wealthy on the way. Businesses that didn’t exist a few years back and now creating the garden of Eden for Jeff Bezos Trillion dollar company. So is there really a need to have your own app?

It depends on how you look it it firstly, does the app become a channel of sales existing to the many on offer or does it become a core feature on driving awareness back to your beloved brand. We love Amazon, don’t get me wrong, but we feel that brand essence has been lost when it comes to companies selling products. Don’t get us wrong, if you’re comfortable with it, keep using it.

Our views are more directed towards the market that doesn’t understand either Amazon or Apps, though both can play a key role in driving awareness and sales to their business. 

We feel the digital world is still very new and many are still behind on technology. Apps are definitely key to any business and the days of spending Thousand’s of pounds on a developer are long gone. In fact our technology allows us to convert your WordPress website into an app, without the hassle. 

Apps are playing a pivotal role in the digital world, with the pandemic now driving businesses and brands to find new ways to access customers. Since the early days, apps have grown into a market on its own with both Google, Apple and Microsoft offering stores dedicated and pushing more app usage to its users.

Many believe Apps will evolve in such a way that we’ll soon have a parallel way of communicated, purchasing, securing and more from a touch of a button. Our technology will soon become apparent in every day life with our Brappit kiosks currently being developed to be utilised in various ways.   

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