Brappit Kiosk (Dual screen)

This kiosk comes with useful features to allow your premises to run safely and hygiene free. A customer could pick from your menu or latest offers to upsell, as well as charge several units. You can control your content globally from an advertisement platform and install Android-based apps.

Product Details

– Android 7.1, WiFi Function with ROM 2G and Flash Card 16G
– Dual 8” HD Wide-angle LCD touch screen display same content Synchronously
– Screen 1200 *1920 Pixels
– Remotely upload images and videos through WIFI
– To admin each registered power bank by a backstage system of administrator computer
– can upload and install APP by yourself
– Motion Sensor for Screen Auto On / Off to Save Power
– Detachable Battery and without battery also can work with DC
Adapter Charging

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