Setting up Google Analytics for your website

Google Analytics is one of the most advanced tools for beginners and experts to use to track various amounts of data on their website or app. 

If you’re new to Google Analytics, then without all the jargon, you can track what users do around your website, measure demographics, track advertisements and more. Over the years it has become core to brands and businesses worldwide, therefore we thought we’d show you an explanation by Ranking Academy.

The video will give you step by step guidance on how to set up Analytics properly and start tracking data to use for marketing. Obviously, there is more to it, but it’ll teach you the basics and what to look out for when setting up your account.

Top 5 stats for Google Analytics

  1. Less than 0.5% of all data we create is ever analysed and used. (Source)
  2. 73% of organizations have already invested or will invest in big data by the end of 2016. (Source)
  3. A 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income for the typical Fortune 1000 company. (Source)
  4. Google uses about 1,000 computers to answering a single search query. (Source)
  5. By 2020, there will be more than 50 billion smart connected devices in the world, collecting, analysing and sharing data. (Source)

Google Analytics is probably the most powerful and popular free analytics software available on the market, however, it can be daunting to most beginners.

But if you are running a website without a data reporting tool such as Google Analytics you might as well try to sell ice to Alaska.

No matter what size your business is, you need to understand what is happening on your website so you can shape your online strategy.

And beginner or not, google analytics will help you just do that. You may think data analysis is not very glamorous and you’re probably right.

But with the help of google analytics you will find out who visits your website, when, at what time, what they are buying and much more.

The downside is, Google Analytics can be a little complex if you are a beginner or never used it before.

That’s why I have created the ultimate beginner’s guide to Google analytics so you can improve your business’ strategy in no time.

– In this tutorial you will learn:

– How to navigate through Google Analytics’ interface: 1:57

– What key metrics you should be watching closely: 6:49

– How to set up goals and campaign tracking: 17:11

– How to use the data from Google analytics to drive more traffic to your site: 29:09


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