2020 was the year for apps

2020 was a year no one could have predicted, yet businesses were able to survive, well those who went digital. Nowadays there are so many ways to access businesses online, whether it’s through booking calendars, product sales or membership gateways.

If you didn’t know, only 1 website in every 1000 has an app and the number one reason why is due to costs. Brappit was developed to help businesses get online and push their brand or services to a wider audience. Below are some fun facts that you might have not known surrounding apps.

Apps Available in Leading App Stores

Statista reports that Google Play is outpacing Apple AppStore in 2020 with 2.9 million apps available. Apple AppStore has a respected 1.85 million apps available for iOS. 

Most Downloaded Apps

Facebook was the most downloaded app with 4.6 billion downloads over 10 years. Its dominance is showing with apps including Messenger, Facebook business, Whatsapp and Instagram adding to its ecosystem of downloads.

4 hours per day spent on Mobile Apps

The average user will spend almost 4 hours or more on apps. Though its hard to work out how long an average user may. spend on apps, we know for sure its a lot more than 4 hours.

Total Revenue Generated in 2020

According to Statista, mobile apps generated 461.7 billion US Dollars in 2019. In 2020 this increased with the pandemic and 2021 won’t be any different. More businesses are relying on accessible ways for their business to carry on and apps will be the next best thing to be part of.

Time & Money Spent on Gaming Apps

When it comes to money spent on apps, a whooping £19bn or more is spent. 2020 saw users spend more time on mobile games and apps, leading to a 25% increase in growth. With apps the number one way to access a business, its time to launch yours.

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