We can help convert your Shopify site to an app using WP-Shopify plugin. We are working on an integration for Shopify which will allow you to sync directly from the platform.

We currently are able to convert WordPress (Woocommerce) and Shopify platforms into a Native Android or iOS apps. In the future, we hope to allow Magento, PHP and HTML based websites.


We’re currently developing the integration and we’ll keep you updated.

We’re currently developing the integration and we’ll keep you updated.

We are working on our integration to allow Shopify sites to work. We currently can only convert your Shopify site into a WordPress site.


We offer 3 packages depending on the size of your business and needs. We can have your website converted into an app in a matter of days. Our plans are a minimum of 6 months, but we guarantee great results in having your business available through an app platform.
We offer multiple add-on products that can supercharge your mobile app. You can opt for the add-ons while upgrading your subscription by contacting one of our experts.
ou will need a developer account for iOS and Android app stores, which will allow you to publish the app we’ve built. Once the app is built, we can provide you with the APK (for Android app) and IPA (for iOS apps). If you require help, we can publish the app on your behalf, but this will be at an additional cost.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan if you require additional services. Contact our team member who can assist you further.

We don’t offer any refunds once you have started your plan with us. Click here for complete details of our Refund Policy.

You will be able to access your membership plan here. In some cases if your account hasn’t been assigned it means the billing has stopped or we have queries on the account. 


We can show you screenshots of your website before finalising and can make amendments where necessary. You can view examples of website conversions to app here.
Our partners offer a good number of push notifications for free, but if you require additional push notifications credit, please let us know.
We currently allow PayPal and Stripe for customer payments on any apps. With the use of Crypto on PayPal, you will have an option to use this payment gateway soon.

Once the app has been submitted to the app store, we have to wait for confirmation from Apple or Google.

It can take up to 4 – 5 business days for Apple App Store and Google Play Store to approve the app. As long as your app adheres to there terms and conditions, we can’t give you a definitive timeline.

Please remember, if your app is for over 18’s, you will require an additional add on with a consent form.

Our partners use the highest standard of global security protocols and any data on your site is secured through your website architecture. We don’t share, store or retain any data from your website. Any security issues are from your website or server hosted site. We recommend the highest standard of security for your website and hosting.

Contact our team or send us an email, we’ll handle the rest.


You can visit our guide here. It’s simple, just upload the plugin to your WordPress website.

Login to your WordPress website’s backend, then navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API > Add Key to generate the keys.

Once you’ve installed the plugin and got your WooCommerce token, you can let our team know via our support chat. Alternatively you can visit installing the plugin and submitting it to  our team.

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